Ultimately, how you think, believe, and live is influenced highly by your environment and is a powerful influence in our confidence and ability to succeed.

The environment you are in; whether that is your home, your community, your company, or your city subtly dictates core values and intelligence. This combined with people who are driven on these similar values and goals brings clarity to the journey of success.

More often than not, we unconsciously put ourselves in environments that don’t fit because of expectations from others. We then question why we aren’t successful. Three simple ways to maximise your success:
  1. Believe in yourself: Know you can achieve what you put your mind to. Take yourself out of your comfort zone and jump into your stretch zone such as training on your own in the gym.
  2. Start communicating: I started my home gym knowing not one single person. I knew my goal, I knew I needed to change to a more relentless environment and I just threw myself into it. I started smiling and talking to the regulars I saw helloing me get through the tougher days when no one else in my other circles could empathise with how I was feeling.
  3. Invest in YOURSELF: This may be the gym membership, paying a nutrition coach, paying a personal trainer or an online coach, having a confidence coach, swimming lessons and the options continue…… there is no greater fulfilment than growing as an individual. Just know there is many people out there who can help!

Have a great day

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