Natalie Potts Fitness
  • What are your top three strengths?
  • How confident are you on a scale of 1-10 (1 – not very confident/ 10 – very confident)
  • How can you become more confident in attracting and retaining clients?
  • How is a lack in confidence impacting you achieving your goals?
  • How do you differentiate yourself within the fitness market?
  • What is your brand?
  • Who exudes the confidence you want to have? What are they doing?
  • How does it makes you feel when you are at your most confident?
Natalie Potts Fitness
I offer a bespoke mentor and coaching 12 weeks structured programme exclusive to Personal Trainers and Online Coaches where we explore;
  • Confidence
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Your values
  • Self development
  • Procrastination, self doubt and limiting beliefs
  • Pivoting
  • Accountability
  • Networking and sales (12 week programme only)
Natalie Potts Fitness

Typically most clients have a preference to start coaching once they have set their goal and find momentum in achieving their actions within the 12 weeks we spend together. Working with me to achieve greater confidence is a major commitment and investment in yourself. I also offer this programme condensed to 6 weeks with an additional free intake session prior to session one for those who are interested in getting to their goals sooner.
*Coaching by Skype/ ZOOM or phone call

Coaching is all about you. If you are interested in a longer coaching journey or have little experience in coaching, the following packages may be more suitable to you.

Natalie Potts Fitness


You have hit a roadblock in life where you feel you are not living life the way you want it to be and that confidence is holding you back from pursuing your dreams in your life. The Kickstarter package is the ideal programme to give you an introduction into coaching to channel your vision, reboot your thinking and address your confidence issues to help you to start moving forward with your life.

This package is for you if you want to give coaching a try or if you have a specific area of your life on which you would like to focus and kick start into action.

Your commitment to the Kickstarter programme:

  • 4 x 1 hour weekly calls (SKYPE, ZOOM or phone)
  • 1 x 45 minute free intake session
Natalie Potts Services


You need to make some dramatic changes in a shorter period of time. Are you having that TGIF feeling and Monday blues as well as wanting the confidence to reach the dream you need to achieve. It may just be that you are at a crossroads not knowing which way to go next.

This package is ideal for you if you want to explore and overcome these obstacles, explore your story and obtain clarity to start making some radical changes. We will map out together a specific action plan for you to take and implement to build substantial momentum and action key changes in your life.

Your commitment to the Inspired programme:

  • 6 x 1 hour every two weeks for six sessions (SKYPE, ZOOM or phone)
  • 1 x 45 minute free intake session

Inspired Intensive

Inspired Intensive is the Inspired package condensed into one day. Ideally, it is more effective when delivered face to face (i.e. to meet and work together in London. This is a popular package for those who are very busy and would prefer having a having a working breakfast or brunch as we begin our day together.

Natalie Potts Services


You are wanting to make some serious life changes and overcome any confidence barriers that are prohibiting you from achieving your personal and business goals. You want to feel you are becoming your best, most confident and authentic self.

You feel as though you are not living life congruent to your values, have little clarity and find yourself procrastinating about the next action to take. This 3 month package explores your values, beliefs, obstacles and your mindset around the decisions you make. We will explore the relationship between confidence and emotional intelligence as an introduction into the goal setting process. This will change your outlook on life and the relationship you have with not only others but most importantly yourself. It comes with additional support in the form of in-between sessions to keep you on track and committed to your actions.

This is the most popular programme as it takes you through an entire coaching process so that many areas of your life are transformed and you have a different, more positive outlook on life.

Your commitment to the Elite programme:

  • 1 x hour intake session
  • 12 x 1 hour calls every two weeks (SKYPE, ZOOM or phone)
  • 12 x 20 minute optional in-between sessions as and when you need

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