Having two children in as many years I found myself feeling extremely body conscious to the extent where I would purposely avoid looking in any full length mirrors. To be frank, my overall health had suffered mainly due to my focus now being solely directed towards two little people.

Along came my shining star – Natalie! She briefed me on what it is she was offering and left me to mull-it-over as to whether I felt her specific area was right for me. Well it was!!!

Session one: the first time I actually sat and thought about how the different areas of my life needed specific focus based on importance in that moment. It was in this session that I learnt about the need to attach a timeframe to my goals!

Session two – six: In short I went from no exercise to gym three times a week, cut out red meat, cut out out white meat and introduced meal prepping. Natalie created space for me to think about my specific goals as well as objectives.

Session seven – fifteen: I upped my workout to five times weekly, invested in a Fitbit, bought some smaller sized clothing, started meditating & visualising the end result.

If coaching is about facilitating the performance and development of individuals then I can wholeheartedly say Natalie is the epitome of what a coach should be. Thank you Natalie for your patience during the times when I would experience extreme mental blockage, for the times when my self-belief appeared to be wavering and also for your continued commitment to my journey.

I am awakened and living my best life!

Rahmona Davis, Full time Mum

Natalie is a very motivating and inspirational coach. I truly enjoyed my every coaching session with her. Natalie’s coaching supported me to gain self belief and supported me to increase my confidence. I truly believe she is a excellent coach.

Thanks for believing in me when I was down and out. Thanks for trusting me when even I had my own doubts. Thanks for pushing me to emerge as a champion – coach, you are my ultimate source of inspiration.

Marjiya Mahjabin, Business Leader

The coaching session had a very positive effect on me. Natalie helped me to think about different options that were available to me, and assisted me in prioritising what I was going to do next.
I was able to follow through on the easy steps we discussed which has led me to change my job role and get the new job I wanted.
It was great to be able to bounce back my ideas and have someone who was dedicated in helping me achieve what I wanted.

Steve Rollason, Business Leader
Martin Newton

I feel Natalie’s coaching has helped me greatly over the course of the six sessions I’ve had with her.

It’s the first time I’ve done anything like this with anyone and this new approach with Natalie helped analyse my life where it currently stood and the goals I had in mind in a new and helpful way.

Although I had goals they were abstract or very generalised with no clearly defined end result. I also hadn’t put those ambiguous goals into any defined level of importance. Following Natalie’s coaching I put those goals into a ranking of important to me (based on her challenging what I felt was most important in my life and what I needed) and a more structured plan of what steps I need to take to get there.

It also made me acutely aware of what my goals involved in terms of the challenges that laid ahead and what I could do to overcome them and what I need to do along the way to achieve my aim.

Martin Newton, Marketing Operations Director

I found Natalie easy to build rapport with allowing me to discuss sensitive and vulnerable areas that I wanted to make a change in. She was very respectful and empathetic while remaining professional and non-judgemental.

Natalie helped me really narrow down what I wanted to focus on each session as sometimes it was hard for me to pick apart on my own, but through her great questioning I was able to see clearly what I wanted to focus on and come up with a great action plan full of inspiring new ideas.

Through our time together Natalie and I looked into my successes which we shared and also what didn’t go as well as planned. This is where I gained the most valuable learning as it gave me time to think what motivates me and what doesn’t and what might get in the way.

Mercedes Binning, Coach

Natalie has been a great support in my personal development challenging me in many ways. What was most interesting was the way she would get me to see things from a different perspective which would often change my outlook. I also admired her discipline with training and in the gym of which we have had several training sessions together which is a major motivation for me. Thank you for your help and guidance whilst believing in me

Rian Davis, Business Leader
Vanessa Eastman

What I liked about being coached by Natalie was the fact she used questions which made me reflect. The listened to what I was saying so I could explore and really think about breaking down my goal. I was thinking quite broad and it was useful to get specific with her help on what would be the focus for the next few weeks relating to focussing on my confidence in the gym and getting my nutrition back on track to how I did well before.

Vanessa Eastman, Bridal Manager

When I started working with Natalie I was not where I wanted to be and needed to focus on being more confident in my role. I spent time going through and creating a plan of what I needed to achieve and this helped to make it clear what I needed to achieve and by when. Natalie gave me confidence in being able to do what I was worried about at times as she believed in me and supported me of which I am grateful for

Siasta Miah, Business Leader
Dan Clarke

Working with Natalie was a huge motivator. I felt like I had a lot of direction and was helped a lot in reaching my potential. Natalie was a very positive coach. I felt like my weaknesses were being flipped into strengths and the challenge I received was always delivered in the best possible way. I wish for the same coaching and leadership in managers I have in the future.

Dan Clarke, Business Leader

I have been blessed with some great mentors. Natalie was a mentor for me at one point in my career. She was smart, experienced and always had my best interests at heart. Not only was Natalie an amazing mentor to me, she coached me and showed how I could do this with others. She has also been a great role model and I have learnt a lot from her. I progressed into a supervisor position under her leadership and from the skills and lessons I learnt, I went on to secure a position as an assistant manager and was very confident in doing so.

Ubair Khan, Business Manager

Focussing on confidence and believing in myself was a big thing for me. Working with Natalie, she helped me look at my strengths and become aware of what I did well. We then looked at how I would build my confidence in stages. This helped me to see how far I had come which felt great

Sonya Ahmed, Pharmaceuticals

As a personal trainer, it is crucial that I am self aware and aware of my client’s needs so I can help them get to their results quicker. I found Natalie’s coaching on confidence really useful to self reflect on how I am perceived by my clients. Really thought provoking

Chris O Sullivan
Chris O Sullivan; Personal Trainer

It was really useful to explore the idea of working on my strengths. Being able to spend the session relating how confident I am and how my clients may see me has really helped to improve my self awareness

Keifer Rasner
Keifer Rasner; Fitness Coach

When listening to Natalie talk about confidence and applying this, I started to consider how I can find it uncomfortable filming insta stories because I am conscious of what others may say. What was interesting from Natalie’s story and experience is that it is so important to be me and be confident in my brand and mission. I am fortunate enough to have found my passion in coaching others specifically around the nutrition side of being a coach which is consistently growing.

Wade Foster
Wade Foster; Coach

Natalie was very confident leading the business session for Online Coaches and Personal Trainers. It gave me the opportunity to consider how I come across to clients and clarity on focussing on my strengths. It has been helpful to focus on these and my own self development.

Lee Chsinall
Lee Chisnall; Online Coach & Personal Training

Natalie’s coaching on confidence was really useful. Considering how confident I am in different situations made me reflect especially from a coaching clients perspective. Being able to get the best out of my clients and empowering them to build their confidence is paramount to their progression and success in achieving their goals.

Will Taylor
Will Taylor; Fitness Coach

Gaining clarity on self awareness and knowing your strengths was interesting to consider in addition to how confident I am as a coach. It was a great coaching session and really insightful. It was also very helpful to take some key actions away

Alan Devane
Alan Devane; Health & Fitness Coach

Listening to Natalie talk about confidence in the academy call with Spearman Fitness was highly beneficial. Whilst I find confidence on the outside very natural, I found it useful to reflect on how I can explore confidence in other areas of my life to help achieve my goals

Michael McCarthy
Michael McCarthy

Working in the corporate environment, I do consider myself to be a confident individual. What I took from listening to Natalie was how important it vacant be to doffs on your strengths and through a personality tool survey she gave, was able to discover and understand some of my key strengths. Great to reflect and consider how I can leverage these when working with my clients

Enda Lyons
Enda, Vice President

Natalie’s focus on confidence and self awareness was interesting and thought provoking. It was useful to consider focussing on my strengths to drive my brand and be mindful of how I am perceived by my online clients

Joe Ballinger
Joe Ballinger; Online Coach & Bodybuilder

Natalie’s coaching around confidence was really insightful. She asked poignant questions on how confident you are in presenting yourself to others which provoked moments of self reflection and challenged my thoughts on the impression I portray to others. Natalie provided links to self development tests that enable you to delve deeper into your common traits. This was helpful to provide an insight into what you may need to work on to become more confident

Darren Thom
Darren Thom; Online Diet Coach

Natalie and I have been collaborating for the past four months. As a Mastermind client wanting to focus on building her business with momentum, I recognised the huge value that Natalie could offer with her passion as a Confidence Coach. I believe there is a lack of self confidence within the fitness industry which is apparent in many Personal Trainers and Online Coaches. It has also been a great investment of my own to have Natalie work with my coaches, where I have already seen changes within the group dynamic

Chris Spearman
Dr. Chris Spearman; Health & Fitness Consultant