When you are truly passionate about something you will display certain behaviours. You are energetic, positive, you radiate a sense of joy and enthusiasm in your state.

Have you ever looked at someone you deem successful and inspiring and thought that just seem to be working all the time? I guarantee if you asked them why they are working all of the time they would say they are doing what they are passionate about. It has not just miraculously happened for them. They aren’t the chosen ones or lucky ones. They just work hard. And working hard gets results and create opportunities.

Sounds good right?….. 100% although actually the reality is that you can work hard but you only get results when you put action to things. That is often the main difference between myself and so many people I meet who energetically tell me what they going to do.

So why don’t they?….. confidence! A huge impactor for so many in putting action to what they want. It is not always correct to state they lack drive, however they may have a lack of self esteem, belief, positivity and fear failure. But do any of these traits make your heart sing? Or do they make your heart sink?

The possibility is that if you cannot articulate what makes your heart sing, have you really found your passion? What makes you jump out of bed every morning? (Believe this can happen everyday as I’m 99% there in waking up on my first alarm ready for my day) What gives you that “butterfly in the stomach feeling?”

So, as I stick to the rule of thirds with many things, I will share three things that have worked for me to find what makes my heart sing;

  1. Know your values
  2. Know your WHY?
  3. Surround yourself with like minded people

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