This is specifically for leaders and business owners whereby through the power of coaching you will have the opportunity to achieve massive results and success. The most successful companies, leaders and entrepreneurs rely on coaching services to reach the next level of success and overcome barriers to growth. You will have clarity on your purpose driven goals, map actions plans to achieve them and breakthrough limiting beliefs to experience a transformation turning ideas into action and making decisions that count. During our time together, you will start to identify opportunities and experience growth in many areas of your life and in yourself. It may even just be about you having someone create and hold some space for you to have time to think. 






From Olympic athletes to business leaders, those who are committed to being their best have a coach. A coach is with you along the way, driving you to take ownership of you journey in life to achieve results in life/ business. We all need to have purpose, clarity and a sense of direction in our pursuits. You may be feeling things have hit a plateau or leveraged at such pace, you've lost the controls you once had.

Ask yourself;

Am I where I want to be in life?

Are you maximising your potential and addressing your skills gaps proactively?

Where are you feeling the most resistance in your life?

The answers are within you. If you want something different, you have to do something different.

Start by removing some limiting beliefs and focus forward with a strategy.

I wonder what's non negotiable to you right now?

Call off the search and start experience greater success, achieve greater results and accelerate growth.

Raise awareness

Fundamentally, coaching helps raise your awareness and help you unlock your potential sooner rather than later. Creating the space to explore, unpack and become curious look within and ask some tough questions of ourselves is not an overnight process. One of the benefits of business coaching services is that you become more resilient, confident and focussed. You learn to adapt, reflect and feel empowered to develop strategies to overcome challenges and obstacles.

Become a more effective leader.

It is imperative for any business to have effective leadership. A leader must have the ability to get people to do expectational things. It is a blend of motivation and influence that makes this happen. A skilled business coach leads by example, demonstrating effective leadership traits while helping you build leadership skills of your own. You can help others be investable in their career through execution and understanding in business nothing is achieved solo. An effective leader brings people with them.


Build confidence

If you are someone who does not have a natural self-belief and built in confidence, you can still acquire it.

You need to;

  • Gain as much experience as you can. No your business better than anyone else.
  • Reframe the way you see failure and see it as feedback and evidence that you took action.

Working with a coach provides the outside perspective you need to grow. Quality business coaching helps you learn how to create a growth culture, build relationships and help others achieve their potential. Belief in others plays a major part in others feeling confident in their own abilities - just think back to that teacher/ first boss that saw something in you that changed the direction of your future.


The art of communication

I simply couldn't be where I am without committing to a lifelong journey in learning and investing in my development through rigorous self-analysis and professional evaluation. This is how you too can stay at the top of your game. Ensuring we are the right fit to work together is imperative right from the start so we build a relationship founded on trust and honesty. Business coaching will help you pay attention, reflect, become clear all in a space where there is no judgement.


Be resilient


Business coaching helps you to optimise your life step by step by taking ownership. I will be able to notice what you do say as much as what you don't say which helps you to grow and develop as the art becomes asking great questions helping you reframe, reflect and achieve more from the process over our time together.

In business and life, you will receive lots of feedback, experience setbacks and make big mistakes. Your ability overcome issues, to adapt and change direction and confidently change the plan is paramount.


Values based self mastery

Adopting the right mindset to business is crucial. Having the ability to listen, empathise and empower others by creating a safe environment and space whereby you can explore solutions and find the answer on your own. A coach will support you in slowing down, being agile and understanding the impact of the decisions to make to support the right action being achieved.

The right mindset starts from knowing what you value in life. What brings meaning and fulfilment to your days? When you persist in activities that are not aligned to what your purpose is, you will at some point feel disconnected. It is in this moment of disconnection that the inner work of understanding yourself, your habits and how you perceive your view on yourself and the world becomes paramount.

Working together we will explore, set the vision and achieve breakthrough moments and results.

Cultivating a high performance culture

Coaching is a collaborative, solution-focused, results-oriented and systematic process which facilitates the enhancement of work performance, life experience and personal growth. Leadership is about relationships, strategy and culture. Cultures are built on trust, engagement, creativity, transparency, beliefs and values. Culture is a key enabler of agility. Every business needs structure, ways of working and metrics as their foundations but many fail to see the importance of listening to understand how they deliver this in a VUCA world.

Business coaching can support to reflect and understand how a culture is impacting business performance and achieving a competitive edge.



  • Leadership development
  • Implementation of strategic goals
  • Team coaching and listening
  • Succession planning
  • Career development
  • Measurable accountabilities
  • Personal coaching
  • Leadership and business skills
  • Wellbeing in the workplace
  • Coaching through change
  • Inspiring leadership
  • High performance culture






Together, we will plan a call to understand and explore your needs and expectations to ensure pure transparency and confidence in the results you need and exactly what this experience will look like. This gives us the opportunity to get to know one another and ensure that we are the right fit for one another.

I want to know exactly what is being presented as the biggest challenges in your business right now. To understand what is impacting you achieving your business goals, priorities and results. This gives me the ability to be curious in the questions I ask and offer a different perspective.

If this feels like an opportunity for you based on my feedback, we shall both have time to reflect on the points addressed, expectations of each other and create a plan to be delivered over a set period of time. This will allow for the full implementation of any changes and plans required to deliver results for future growth and development.

The next step is over to you.

I want you to be open minded that this will be a completely new and liberating experience. You will start to change the way you see things, challenge yourself and explore different ways of working and living life that through repetition and accountability will become embedded as behaviours. This is all about maximising your potential.

When you are held accountable, you will notice. a shift in how consistent you are. Consistency helps builds momentum and this is what makes everything feel as though you are moving forward. Things happen and essentially get done and you achieve extraordinary results and success.

Linda Saliasi

Natalie is amazing at what she does. Her interview style was spontaneous, natural and organic and made me conquer the fear of interviews. I had fear for various reasons but I did it.

Enda Lyons

Working in the corporate environment, I do consider myself to be a confident individual. What I took from Natalie was how important it can be to focus on your strengths; I was able to discover and understand some of my key strengths. Great to reflect and consider how I can leverage these when working with clients and team collaboration.

Christine Humphrey

My first uncomfortable action towards public speaking. Natalie invited me to go on to her podcast to share my story. Doing something out of your comfort zone is scary but I learned a lot and it makes me want to get better at public speaking. Thank you Natalie. She is an amazing mentor and coach. I highly recommend her.