How great is it when business is kept simple and everything you need is in one place! 


Here you can find all of my freebies and paid tools no matter what stage you're at on your journey.

The right tools can:

  • Save you¬†the stress of feeling overwhelmed by creating seamless automation of¬†key marketing activities, content planning, email marketing, list building and being visible on social media.
  • Save you¬†money that could be better invested elsewhere so you don't end up doing things the hard way.
  • Save you loads of hours per week and so much stress¬†(more time to do what you love = a HUGE win!)¬†


The key is knowing the right ones to use at the right stage ‚ÄĒ because all of these are only valuable if they are implemented.¬†

The best part is, I only share what I have tried and tested so I am confident that it will work for YOU.


The below is arranged into the following categories:

  • Business training
  • Business tools

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5 Ways To Change Your Messaging & Make More Money


If your message is confusing, you won't be attracting ready to buy clients. Let's fix your messaging in under 1 hour.

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Business Insider Membership


Do you just love meeting people and talking about your business? I do.

It's why I created this community. It's all about genuine connection, meaningful relationships, collaboration over competition and helping one another grow in business and life.

Join Now - £49/m

Success On Your Terms Podcast


Talking business, life and what success looks like to you.


30 Ways To Get More Clients


Do you want to build your audience and get more clients? You'll also get links to handy videos and examples that will help you to take action!


Build a profitable business fast


This free guide will help you kickstart your strategy and the first few steps you need to take to be creating revenue now. Be crystal clear on your vision in your business and your target audience.

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Your Confidence Success Path For Showing Up


Imagine not having confidence be a reason why you don't take action and achieve your goals. Confidence is all about knowledge, experience and belief. It is a result. Let's get you results.

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Steal my 100 Viral Scroll Stopping Hooks


Are you struggling to reach your ideal client with the content you put out into the world?

To connect with your client, you need to create interest and grab their attention in a noisy world. Start here with 100 hooks to use across all of your marketing content.

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How to reach out to people you know in 11 steps 

Communicating with people is so important in business. It's how you get leads. Warm reach outs are when you make contact with a warm audience. People you know. It's super effective and most businesses don't do it. Don't be most businesses. Start building your audience in the easiest place to start.

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Story Builder Checklist: Creating Compelling Content


What makes your messaging compelling? What draws people and keeps them engaged? The next time you find yourself twiddling your fingers as to what you could put out in the world, use this proven framework to build your own compelling content. Remember: done is better than perfect.

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Connect with your ideal client


Start talking exactly to your target audience. One of the fundamentals when growing a business is to be able to connect with your ideal client to understand their biggest problems and be able to offer the solution. No more stressing about not being able to know who your ideal client is. This guide will solve all of those questions.

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5 'Plug N Play' Principles that will grow your business in 90 days


Free Masterclass

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10 Powerful Questions to build your confidence in speaking to your ideal client 

Take a moment to think right now of everyone you have invested in that lacked confidence and certainty... zero people coming to mind right now right?

People buy from confident, certain and inspiring people. We want some of what they have. You can have this. I'm going to show you how.

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100 Powerful Questions For Coaches 


Find the best way to communicate with your clients through powerful questions. Dare to ask thought provoking and transformational questions that raise the awareness of your clients.

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Skyrocket Your Productivity & Energy


Ever wondered whether you are efficient and productive with your time? Use this tool to nail down exactly where, when and how you spend your time.

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How To Make A Vision Board & Achieve Your Dream Goals


A vision board is a powerful tool to help you create your dream life. Get ready to dream big and start seeing your life change.

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Your Freedom Plan


Did you start a business to be your own boss, make an impact in the world, help others, have more freedom and leave to a legacy.

Yet, somewhere along the way, your business hasn’t given you the lifestyle you deserve. The Freedom Plan is here to help anyone who feels trapped in their own business.

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Values Planner


What are your values in life and business. Our values are our moral compass and the way we behave. Explore your values and never have a day second guessing yourself anymore. Your values underpin every decision you make with courage and confidence.

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The GROW Model


Create a space understand and listen. The GROW Model is a superb business model to help you feel confident with asking your clients exactly the right questions so they are clear on what they want and how they achieve it. This tool will help your clients to set goals and smash them whilst bringing you an abundance of incredible thought provoking questions.

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How to Run a Masterclass to Supercharge Your Sales

Deliver a presentation and irresistible offer that attracts new clients and boosts your sales.

A masterclass is a powerful tool for driving sales in your business by educating, engaging and converting potential prospects into paying clients.

Buy Now - £149

Mastering The Sales Call

Want to close more of your conversations? This script makes it easier than ever before.

Change the game and convert more sales by serving. This script is proven and repeatable for consistent and easy closes without you sacrificing your integrity or feeling icky about selling in your business. 

I practically give to you one script to increase your revenue and change the trajectory of your business.

Buy Now - ONLY £9

Lead magnet templates & worksheets


A lead magnet is a marketing term for a free item or service that is given away for the purpose of gathering contact details. It brings you leads. People who are your ideal client. I have wasted so much time on creating lead magnets. Save the time wasted overthinking how to do it!

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Turn time into wealth.

A 6 part course to help you take back control of your time, wealth and life with confidence in the knowledge that you are doing the right things at the right time. Reject any groundhog days and success traps most of the world is caught in when it comes to time management.

Buy Now - ONLY £47

100 Books That Changed My Life


Self - development and being invested in yourself to always be learning and growing is very important. Check out books that have been of great impact and influence in my life. 

#CommissionsEarned with Amazon

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The paper tablet.

Replace your notebooks and printouts with the only tablet that feels like paper.

Buy Now - Save £40

Your invitation to easy business accounting


You'll get 50% off for 3 months automatically when you sign up via the form on this page.* No promo code is required.

Get 50% Off For 3 Months



Let a superhero help you manage your social media.

Schedule, collaborate & analyse all your social media posts from the same spot!

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Starling Bank


Fancy a day trip? If you open a Starling account using this referral link, we both get a free individual day pass to one of the hundreds of places the National Trust looks after.

Get a FREE day pass to the National Trust

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The Everything Page¬ģÔłŹ Course with Elizabeth Goddard


Lizzy is an online business strategist / course creator / email marketing nerd / tech geek / affiliate marketing lover / multi-offer enthusiast / mindset magician / could-keep-going-but-you-get-the-gist.

Her courses have been an inspiration to me in my work as you can see from above.

Lizzie first created her Everything Page in January 2018 to experiment with what would happen if she just listed absolutely every free and paid offer she had available. 

Turns out people like it, and I do too, so much so that she¬†has¬†now created a course on it which has helped me create what you see before you:¬†Show 'Em Everything: The Everything Page¬ģÔłŹ Course. ¬†

I'd love you to join me in completing your very own Everything Page.

‚ÄúThere may be affiliate links in this post which means I may receive a commission if you purchase something through a link. However, please be assured that I only recommend products I have personally used and love!‚ÄĚ

I Wanna Show Em' Everything